June, 2013:

Hiya folks!

You may have noticed I am no longer active on Equus Sims, due to my inability to register for the 'new' site and forum. :-(
I've received many emails through this here site from Equus members asking me for help etc. so it's time for a little update!

I am and will be inactive in the Sims Community until the Island Adventure expansion comes out, mainly because I take a break from the game every now and then to be able to enjoy new expansions to their fullest.
I did really enjoy the Equus community, and I hope that some day I shall be able to join the new forum and work on my mods again! That said, I haven't worked on any Sims related mods for a while, and I'll have to focus on getting into the works again, so please bear with me if I can't update my files right now until I've got the time and mind to remember how to actually do that. :P

Anyway, you can always contact me at crowcrow [at] gmx [dot] net or on FB where I go by the name of Unsavory Charlatan.

Thanks for reading, and I hope I'll see you in the Sims Community when I'm back,


Dec, 31st: Added full body dog marking.
Dec, 30th: All sliders now use proper capitalization (Back Length instead of back length). All sliders include German strings.
Cat Sliders
rockerduck_cat_size_slider.package rockerduck_cat_size_slider.package
Size : 2.585 Kb
Type : package
Size slider for cats. Not bidirectional due to unbearable craziness. Enlarges your cats!

Dog Sliders, Little Dogs
rockerduck_small_dog_height_slider.package rockerduck_small_dog_height_slider.package
Size : 3.069 Kb
Type : package

Size slider for little dogs. Bidirectional, which means you can make your dogs larger or smaller.

rockerduck_small_dog_back_length.package rockerduck_small_dog_back_length.package
Size : 2.677 Kb
Type : package
Back length or back "stretch" slider. Bidirectional. Give your little dogs a longer or a shorter back.

Dog Sliders, Big Dogs
rockerduck_big_dog_back_length.package rockerduck_big_dog_back_length.package
Size : 2.687 Kb
Type : package
Back length or "stretch" slider for big dogs. Bidirectional. Give your large dogs a longer or a shorter back.

You can find a big dog size slider made by Vic Reed here at the Crimson Reed Kennel!
rockerduck_dog_marking_full_body.package rockerduck_dog_marking_full_body.package
Size : 490.731 Kb
Type : package
Full body marking for dogs. 2 recolorable channels.
Rockerduck_youngAgainPetPotion.package Rockerduck_youngAgainPetPotion.package
Size : 27.865 Kb
Type : package
Makes the Young Again potion for pets buyable for ยง10,000.
Rockerduck_trailerCelebrity.package Rockerduck_trailerCelebrity.package
Size : 2189.216 Kb
Type : package
Makes the Actor Trailer from Late Night buyable. Requires Late Night, obviously.

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